Rituals Cosmetics will have a new store in Chiado

rituals cosmetics will have a new store in chiado

Sumary of Rituals Cosmetics will have a new store in Chiado:

  • At the same time, the new store also follows the brand’s sustainability policy, says the official: From a sustainability point of view, it is one of the last stores on our list to upgrade to a more efficient store.
  • As part of this effort towards a more environmentally friendly activity, Rituals stores use energy-saving LED lights and water-saving appliances.
  • Rituals Cosmetics is preparing to open a new space in Armazéns do Chiado.
  • Photography: Rituals Cosmetics Inês Fonseca, communication manager of Rituals Cosmetics, explains in a statement that, at a strategic level, this new Rituals do Chiado store will be much larger, increasing to twice the square meters, with more than 80 square meters, allowing it to offer customers a much more relaxed and personalized service.

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