Runway To Retail: Puffer Coats and Jackets

runway to retail puffer coats and jackets

Sumary of Runway To Retail: Puffer Coats and Jackets:

  • Pierpaol Piccioli/Catwalk Pictures After all, who can forget the incredible sight of puffer coat ball-gowns created in partnership with Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli back in 2019? Indeed it’s a brand that dates back to 1952, when in the mountains of Grenoble, the company developed padded sleeping bags.
  • On the other hand, we can’t forget the impact of New York designer Norma Kamali and her ‘sleeping bag coat’ In the early seventies, Kamali went on a camping trip to Upstate New York.
  • When she needed to use the bathroom in the middle of a somewhat chilly night, she wrapped her sleeping bag around her shoulders before sprinting for the trees.
  • The designer was inspired and when she returned home she took the sleeping bag apart and made a coat out of it.
  • New York-based brand, r13, designed by Chris Leba, showed a good-looking animal print/bright red reversible coat.

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