Saudi fashions ‘tell the world a story’

saudi fashions tell the world a story

Sumary of Saudi fashions ‘tell the world a story’:

  • With Saudi Arabia diverse and colorful cultural traditions, fashion serves as a medium where foreigners and citizens can meet.Fashion has always been an important part of how people define themselves and others, and Saudi Arabia traditional clothing is no different.Those who watched the Saudi Cup horse race coverage would have noticed that many racegoers, including foreigners living in the Kingdom, donned eye-catching pieces from the Kingdom regions, while others made sure they showed off traditional fashion items.For almost 12 years, Brandi Janow has made Saudi Arabia her home..
  • caught the eye of photographers at the Saudi Cup with her striking red hair and gold coin headpiece while wearing a farwa (heavy overcoat) featuring a Sadu piece, or traditional embroidery of the region, on her coat lapels.Janow told Arab News that she felt welcome and comfortable since moving to the Kingdom, and dressed according to the traditions of the land.“The fashion scene was remarkable at the Saudi Cup…

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