Shorts or bermuda shorts: to each his own shorts!

Shorts or bermuda shorts: to each his own shorts!

Sumary of Shorts or bermuda shorts: to each his own shorts!:

  • Whatever the size chosen, the important thing is to pursue the same goal: to uncover the legs.
  • The proposals on the catwalks range from short or very short shorts, up to models above or below the knee, elegant Bermuda shorts for office looks.
  • Their exclusive use on vacation or for sporting activities has been cleared for some time, shorts have been parading on the catwalk for some time and are the protagonists of sophisticated evening looks.
  • LEAD IN OVS A garment to collect, because it can be monochrome and minimal or ethnic Many variations for all tastes The Brunello Cucinelli model is large and comfortable, while the Sportmax version is doubled in stretch cotton, floral with drawstring to squeeze the waistline Isabel Marant Etoile.
  • As confirmed by Kristen Stewart, who even wore them on the red carpet of the Oscars.
  • Receive news and updates on the latest beauty trends directly in your BRUNELLO CUCINELLI mail.
  • Women’s Shorts Summer 2022 Shorts (shorter) or Bermuda shorts (longer).

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