Tchibo relies on recycled cotton

Tchibo relies on recycled cotton

Sumary of Tchibo relies on recycled cotton:

  • Tchibo is not only pushing the topic of sustainability with the recently launched fashion label Nah/Studio: For several years, the company has been producing its clothing from organic cotton, which does not require artificial pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified seeds.
  • They now make up 97 percent of the textile range.
  • Since February 8th, Tchibo has also been using recycled cotton as a further sustainable alternative.
  • Tchibo is now also using recycled cotton – Tchibo  Tchibo produces the recycled cotton from production leftovers, since the majority of old clothes are made of non-recyclable material mixtures and therefore cannot be reused at the moment, explains Cristina Graack, fiber expert at Tchibo.
  • Customers can find two denim pieces with recycled cotton for the first time in Tchibo’s new spring collection.
  • This saves water, pesticides, raw materials, acreage and energy compared to fresh fibers.
  • According to Graack, recycled cotton has the same good wearing properties as new cotton.

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