The 10 women’s fashion trends for winter 2022/2023

The 10 women’s fashion trends for winter 2022/2023

Sumary of The 10 women’s fashion trends for winter 2022/2023:

  • One can observe the extroverted work of the stylists in designing new and generous necklines.
  • The ensemble is enhanced by oversized platform shoes, which, after their foray into the summer of 2022, also make their way into the winter wardrobe.
  • But this highly codified morphology, especially in the 1950s, was modernized with See the Ester Manas show, autumn-winter 20222023 – © PixelFormula Espírito boudoir In addition to tailoring, which is important in all collections, lingerie and countless super feminine pieces are in back, made in countless tulles and transparencies.
  • Designed to mark the return to business and normality, now loaded with new uncertainties, the collections for the autumn-winter 20222023 season were clearly divided between a comfortable and practical wardrobe, with Peter Do, autumn-winter 20222023 – PixelFormulaAlfaiataria Há several seasons, sportswear is on the decline in women’s wardrobes.
  • See the Coperni show, autumn-winter 20222023 – © PixelFormulaHead wrapped in clothes This typical look The garment placed over the head involves the entire upper part of the body, taking the shape of a triangle, like a tent.
  • See the showJil Sander, autumn-winter 20222023 – © PixelFormulaHourglass silhouette This tailoring thread is particularly expressed through the hourglass silhouette, a symbol of femininity par excellence.
  • This morphology work, hiding in particular the neck and head area, was started in January by Viktor & Rolf, during Haute Couture Week, with

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