The Definitive Ranking of Every Drake and Rick Ross Collab

the definitive ranking of every drake and rick ross collab

Sumary of The Definitive Ranking of Every Drake and Rick Ross Collab:

  • Drake and Rick Ross have been appearing on songs together since 2009 and making one-on-one collabs since 2011, and they bring something special out of each other—all of these songs would be counted among their best by fans..
  • As Drake put it on The Rap Radar Podcast, they’re always on the same, unspoken wavelength—he can send Ross something soulful like “Gold Roses”.
  • Their chemistry stems from the extensive time Drake spent in Ross’ native Florida, back when he lived in Miami for a spell in the early aughts..
  • With Drake entering his imperial phase working on his critically acclaimed Take Care, and Ross in the midst of his own Teflon Don, the two were on similar creative peaks that yielded a lot of studio time and winning collaborations…

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