The wedding dress? In 2022, upcycling is on trend

The wedding dress? In 2022, upcycling is on trend

Sumary of The wedding dress? In 2022, upcycling is on trend:

  • Based in London, the niche brand founded in early 2019 by designers Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips stands out for an innovative approach to deadstock fabrics.
  • Starting with heirloom or vintage wedding dresses supplied by customers, the Bridal brand creates new styles directly tailored.
  • Just contact the brand to transform an obsolete or disused dress into a unique garment to use for a special occasion.
  • WED also provides some ready-made ideas to be inspired by, to be requested directly from the atelier and created from pre-owned wedding dresses and recycled fabrics.
  • In short, pre and post upcycling, depending on your needs: from the Victorian dress transformed into a mini dress to that of tulle that becomes a very modern cut-out dress.
  • Pre-consumer upcycling: a new concept of wedding dress Alongside the new post-consumer upcycling initiatives, those dedicated to pre-consumer brides are growing more and more.
  • The small ateliers, unlike the big brands, obviously focus on more sustainable projects – especially from an economic point of view – which concern the creation of wedding dresses with waste and recycled fabrics.
  • The all-Italian case of the Valdamore collection by Miriam Gentile, designer of Atelier Maratana, based in Modena.

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