What shape of cap should you choose for style?

what shape of cap should you choose for style

Sumary of What shape of cap should you choose for style?:

  • American caps, modernity par excellence This type of cap is generally worn by American sports fans of baseball or basketball.
  • The snapback and its adjustable strap The snapback, with a flat visor, worn by Rihanna and Chris Brown among others, is, unlike the fitted, fully adjustable thanks to a plastic clip strap.
  • The fitted, to be adapted according to the circumference of the head Among these US models, we find the fitted, a round cap without a hole in the back, the size of which depends solely on the circumference of the head.
  • Ireland, the other country of the cap Even if the French are proud of the traditional cap, we should not forget to go and see our Anglo-Saxon neighbors.
  • The curve cap, curved as its name suggests The curve is the emblem of American baseball players.
  • Also called trucker, this cap is easily identifiable thanks to its curved visor.
  • Released in the 1980s, this type of cap has experienced a new craze in recent years, in particular thanks to the diversification of products, with for example leather or fabric straps.

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