What the Royal Family will wear to the Queen’s funeral

what the royal family will wear to the queens funeral

Sumary of What the Royal Family will wear to the Queen’s funeral:

  • In fact, the rule is taken so seriously in the Royal Family that Military uniform will be worn – even by Andrew and Harry Royals who completed military service or recieved honorific medals will wear military uniform to the service, as was seen with certain members of the family at the Queen’s procession on Wednesday 14 September.
  • But most importantly, the British Royal Family will be attending as the Queen’s next of kin.
  • All eyes are set to be on the family as they pay respects to the female who was not only their Queen, but also the best-loved head of their family.
  • It was initially believed that neither Harry nor Andrew would be permitted to wear their military uniforms as both have stepped back from royal duties – Harry after renouncing his title to move to America with his wife, and Andrew, after becoming embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

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