28 sustainability efforts of the fashion industry in may 2021

28 Sustainability efforts of the fashion industry in May 2021

Sumary of 28 Sustainability efforts of the fashion industry in May 2021:

  • Now, even rivaling brands like Adidas and Allbirds shake hands when it comes to circular innovations that are best tackled together..
  • Brands and retailers continue offering consumers more sustainable choices and it is heartening to see that young designers have more choices too when it comes to finding sustainable fashion courses or information about being more environmentally conscious..
  • Adidas/Allbirds Rival sportswear brands Adidas and Allbirds have unveiled the first product from their collaboration, Futurecraft.Footprint – a low carbon running shoe..
  • The sportswear companies have partnered up and shared proprietary technologies and material innovations, as part of both companies goals to reimagine a lower-emission design process and make a performance running shoe with no carbon footprint….

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