2xu founder launches high performance sportswear brand pressio

2XU founder launches high-performance sportswear brand Pressio

Sumary of 2XU founder launches high-performance sportswear brand Pressio:

  • Pressio, a new high-performance compression sportswear brand, has launched in the UK, debuting via Selfridges, Flannels, Browns, and its website..
  • The sporting apparel brand is based on the pillars of performance, sustainability, and ethics by partnering with recycled yarn manufacturers to ensure every yarn selection, knitting technique, dying, and manufacturing process has been rigorously examined..
  • The brand stated that its new printing techniques have been able to eliminate highly toxic and energy-consuming batch drying and incorporates 100 percent recycled fabrics throughout its run-specific collection..
  • The collection is divided into two categories, All Sports and Run, designed for explosive/high impact activities and long-distance/ endurance athletes, respectively..
  • The brand stated compression tights help wrap muscle groups and improve blood flow while preventing short and long-term injury by aligning the muscles for greater power output…

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