40% of users in Chile buy fashion online

Sumary of 40% of users in Chile buy fashion online:

  • 40% of users in Chile buy fashion online – CCS During the meeting it was revealed that clothing, footwear and accessories represent the most dynamic online category in recent years, which is reflected in the largest base of buyers on the internet
  • Among the Fashion Online speakers, representatives of national and international companies such as H&M, Adidas, Gumi Bears Chile, Avant Garde, Corona, Meta (Facebook), Shopify, Brand Label, Vestuá and VTEX, to name a few, stood out, who shared from the experience of its brands, the growing e-commerce trends For his part, Antonio Martínez, agency partner manager of Shopify, pointed out that the fashion and accessories category continues to be the largest and most important in the e-commerce vertical in Latin America, highlighting that the fastest growing trend is comfortable clothing.
  • During the Fashion Online, the executive director of e-commerce of the CCS, Yerka Yukich assured that currently 85% of internet
  • It is the category that has exploded in the last two and a half years, and it is an excellent opportunity for those who are thinking of putting up a fashion brand that is relatively easy to launch, he stressed.
  • Agree According to data from the CCS, 40% of consumers in the South American country declare that they normally make purchases in this sector through the online channel.
  • The event presented the main trends in the world of fashion and how it has performed in the context of the pandemic, revealing an increase in purchases through digital channels, and a growing interest in sustainability.
  • The fourth edition of the Fashion Online seminar was held on July 14 under the organization of the e-commerce committee.

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