a complete mess schoolies for adults

‘A complete mess’: Schoolies for adults

Sumary of ‘A complete mess’: Schoolies for adults:

  • Between the drunken guys wrestling and the sloshed barefoot girls being wheeled out on stretchers, the only thing it lacks is a City Beach-sponsored foam party and a religious group tossing Red Frogs into the crowd.
  • Former WAG Nadia Bartel – who copped flak after that video was posted showing her snorting white powder off a plate during an illegal lockdown party – wasn’t renewed as a Melbourne Cup ambassador this year.
  • She was enjoying the breeze on her lumbar region when she rolled up to a Melbourne Cup event in Sydney this week – a lower-back air vent flapping in the wind.
  • The only thing that would’ve made it better is if she used the cut-out to show off a lower-back tattoo.

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