Act N1, on the side of human rights

Sumary of Act N1, on the side of human rights:

  • This is a project that is close to my heart – continues Piccioli – They propose the same values ​​we believe in as a brand, but from another perspective, we are different in terms of execution .
  • Piccioli is in fact sitting in the front row at the brand’s show, broadcast live on Instagram on Valentino’s profile as a project to support young talents.
  • But in addition to the clothes, it is the casting that tells this inclusive fashion: the young woman with the hijab, the man who loves to wear a transparent corset, the boy with the artificial limb, curvy models.
  • Fashion as a tool to defend human rights, women, institutions.
  • It has been our mission from the very beginning and we know we reach an audience These days it is important that fashion, through clothes, tells the values ​​it believes in.
  • We want to tell a message to defend women, institutions and rights.

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