Adidas and Craig Green unveil new trainers

Sumary of Adidas and Craig Green unveil new trainers:

  • British designer Green has modify the Adidas’ 1988 Squash, a leader make for fast and active movement, and see the footwear for the 21st century using a transparent mesh top, subject and celebrating the footwear’s intrinsic layers.
  • The ‘CG Squash Polta AKH’ launching on July 27 highlights the inner construction of the footwear with a transparent top and a representation sole that shows the bubble midsole.
  • The transparent top is produce with the Adidas 3-Stripes, creating different transparencies where it crosses with the inner construction, while the inner canvas that has been produce with the 1988 ordered number of the original footwear design, ‘F.6314b Squash’ is also exposed.

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