Amazon launches assault on fake review industry

Sumary of Amazon launches assault on fake review industry:

  • The latter, via some 10,000 identified Facebook groups, offer remuneration in exchange for false opinions left on the marketplace.
  • To give an overview of the phenomenon being fought, Amazon mentions a Facebook group called Amazon Product review which had nearly 43,000 people when it was closed last March.
  • The group’s administrators were soliciting fake reviews from users, like the 10,000 similar groups reported by Amazon to the Meta (Facebook) group, which has since shut down half of them.
  • Permanently ridding e-commerce, tourism and other sectors of fake reviews will require more public-private partnerships, including collaborations between affected businesses, social media and relevant authorities, Amazon said in its statement.
  • If convicted, the fine could be 10% of Amazon’s global revenue.
  • If the phenomenon is significant, it is mainly because it passes under the radar of fake review detectors set up by Amazon, these fake reviews being submitted by real users of the portal.
  • This practice would massively affect the American, British, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese versions of Amazon, markets where proceedings have been initiated by the group.

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