american teen according to coach

American-teen according to Coach

Sumary of American-teen according to Coach:

  • “I am thrilled to be the new face of Coach, whose values ​​I share,” said Lil Nas X.
  • If the world of Coach could be translated into words, it would be an anthological collection of the faces of the United States of America.
  • Unveiled at the Park avenue armory, in front of a front row that also welcomed Doja cat, Conan Gray and PJ Tucker, the spring 2023 designed by Staurt Vevers goes straight to the heart of the States.
  • There are the over coats, Coach’s signature, transformed into unique pieces through patchwork, fisherman sweaters with multicolor inlays, varsity sweaters and cheerleader mini dresses, gingham dresses made mischievous by the tulle inserts that allow a glimpse of the underwear.
  • The collection explores the Made in the USA heritage through the lens of fluidity and circularity, celebrating imperfection with pieces designed to last.
  • Platinum for which the brand designed the looks of the Long live Montero tour, commenting on its first time on the catwalk.
  • To embody this philosophy is rapper Lil Nas X, making his runway debut as a global ambassador for Coach.

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