among the californian coolness of amiri

Among the Californian coolness of Amiri

Sumary of Among the Californian coolness of Amiri:

  • A moment of Amiri’s show Amiri returns to parade in the adopted city of her fashion shows, Paris.
  • And she arrives at the Jardin des plantes, where looks that seem to have fallen into a can of blue paint and then faded.
  • There is fluidity in the cuts and outfits for a holiday and city wardrobe and for occasion and for every day.
  • Uneven colors on pinstripes for new uniforms move between college uniforms, under baseball caps.
  • Is this how designer Mike Amiri’s California cool kids dress?
  • They wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts in paisley prints and with equal ease the tailored suits, where the pants draw new proportions.

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