among the shiny geometries imagined by area

Among the shiny geometries imagined by Area

Sumary of Among the shiny geometries imagined by Area:

  • For structured and bold looks that do not penalize femininity and reinterpret the punk style in a romantic key.
  • An aggressive, punk style dominated the show, inspired by the study of geometry by Wenzel Jamnitzer “Perspectiva Corporum Regularium”, with evening dresses and coats adorned with three-dimensional cones.
  • A look from the Area Area show unveils Collection 04, an architectural collection inspired by fetish punk culture and bondage style.
  • The brilliance of the crystals and gold enhances the clothes, offering sparkling creations that do not go unnoticed.
  • Everything was enriched with gold, Swarovski and rhinestones in the headdresses as in the clothes, creating a beam of light on the catwalk.
  • In fact, the motif of the folded pyramid recurs on the clothes, hand-sewn on Japanese silk and denim fabrics.

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