Angels do Porto swindles more than 100 brides

Sumary of Angels do Porto swindles more than 100 brides:

  • Some models on display; the customers went to the store, chose the dress, made the reservation; a part that was soon liquidated and the owner proceeded to order the model from suppliers based in Shanghai, China, and Ukraine.
  • The Porto store Angels – Vestidos de Noiva de Clara Sousa, suddenly closed its doors and disappeared from social networks, especially from Facebook, leaving brides without a dress and without money, some threatened and with Indignation it gained wings on social networks and was even created a group on WhatsApp, which brought together more than 100 injured brides.
  • The lady did not have the dresses in store and there is no solution, says the lawyer to the media, adding that suppliers failed to deliver, due to the lockdown in Shanghai and the war in Eastern Europe, she emphasizes.
  • The lawyer also claimed that, this catadupe of facts, led to the insolvency process: I wish the lady had the dresses to make the deliveries, she concludes.
  • Almost a year in advance I chose it, I felt like a princess as soon as I put on the dress, I knew it was the one, we were made for each other, she confesses.
  • A Angels – Vestidos de Noiva and its closing 35 days before the wedding was a nightmare, the email informing that they would not deliver the dress, nor the money paid, was a bucket of cold water, there were no words of consolation that could be said to alleviate sadness, anger, and frustration, with Angels Shop-atelier, at Centro Comercial do Carvalhido, in Porto – In her defense, the shop owner blames the COVID-19 pandemic and the interminable war in Ukraine, as being the most media-driven institutional excuses today, even following the example of some high-ranking officials.

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