autumn shopping all the new boutiques shops and pop up stores

Autumn shopping: all the new boutiques, shops and pop up stores

Sumary of Autumn shopping: all the new boutiques, shops and pop up stores:

  • The set of lines, textures and colors best describes our DNA, which is based on creativity but also on know-how and excellent craftmanship.
  • The inspiration comes from the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s and is enriched with warm elements such as pieces of art, watercolors and potteries of high modern craftsmanship from various countries around the world.
  • New openings: the novelties of autumn 2022 With the very hot summer 2022 definitively archived, the trends arising from the autumn winter 20222023 fashion shows are ready for large-scale distribution.
  • An environment in total harmony with the mood of the prêt-à-porter and accessories collections, including the recent models of Box-Trot bags (also worn by Julia Roberts) and Le Pliage Re-Play, made of nylon recovered from the leftovers of the collections pass.
  • Clothing stores: the new openings of autumn 2022 – iO Woman To mark the agenda: the very latest store openings of autumn 2022.
  • All the new store openings in autumn 2022 with the essential addresses to have on the agenda for the first round of seasonal shopping.

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