balenciaga couture is the death knell of influencer culture

Balenciaga Couture Is the Death Knell of Influencer Culture

Sumary of Balenciaga Couture Is the Death Knell of Influencer Culture:

  • One of the many ideas that appeared in the wake of the iPhone’s launch in 2007 was that aesthetically-pleasing, photo-worthy product was practically a democratic right—and so we got disruptive bed linens, cheery-colored Dutch ovens, and suitcases (that looked like big iPhones!) peddled with Susan Sontag quotes.
  • A fashion designer’s job, especially in these globalized, fashion-for-all times, is to capture the zeitgeist, but perhaps no designer in history has taken that mandate more literally than Gvasalia, whose work touches on attitudes far beyond style (like the encroachment of virtual reality on real life), and yet nearly every season innovates wildly through clothes (he told that story with a pair of rubbery suit-of-armor boots).
  • Hence the memes that often blossom around the brand’s products—not to mention the anger the brand inspires when it puts something people consider outside the realm of high fashion in a runway context, like Crocs.
  • So what does it tell us about the state of the world that Gvasalia, master of internet-era populism, has now launched couture, the most rarefied, most expensive, most art-for-art’s sake part of fashion?
  • The first part of the answer lies in the clothing itself, which was sick—crisp but blousy suits;

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