Barbiecore: it’s set to be a hot (pink) girl summer

Sumary of Barbiecore: it’s set to be a hot (pink) girl summer:

  • Test ride it at your next ceremony or season organization by accessorising a pink dress with accessories in a distinguish pinky hue.
  • In the days following the entertainment, Google searches for ‘baking pink dresses’ are up 81 per cent, and ‘baking pink bottoms’ 181 per cent, while searches for ‘pink dresses’ and ‘pink skirts’ are at a record high and ‘pink costumes’ is up 55 per cent.
  • The TikTokers are largely interpreting the Barbie aesthetic to mean top-to-toe pink, with a year wind (natch) – think small skirts, pink velour tracksuits, rhinestone adornment and locomotive pink baguette containers.
  • Ever since the first movie photographs of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (set for release season 2023) were show in June, featuring a neon pink lycra-clad Margot Robbie flirting with her Ken (Ryan Gosling), a new super-saccharine season aesthetic has entered the fight: Meet Barbiecore.

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