because face jewels are very popular face jewels for chin nose and lips are in fashion

Because face jewels are very popular: face jewels for chin, nose and lips are in fashion

Sumary of Because face jewels are very popular: face jewels for chin, nose and lips are in fashion:

  • February 18, 2022 Lip ring, chin cuff and face chain: the fashion craze of 2022 are jewels for the face.
  • After the success of the body chains, the golden body jewels that have depopulated last summer, it’s time for face jewels to be worn on the lips, chin or even on the cheekbones.
  • The trend was launched by Angelina Jolie, who amazed everyone on the red carpet of the film Eternals with an original accessory on her chin, sparking curiosity.
  • From chin cuffs to lip rings, face jewels have exploded on the catwalks: from Chanel to Gucci to Schiaparelli.
  • Face jewels depopulate on the catwalk Post-pandemic fashion wants to break the mold: in addition to the classic earrings and necklaces, the catwalks have begun to offer unconventional jewels that draw geometries on the nose, cheeks, cheekbones and even on the nose.
  • In part they are inspired by piercings, with the difference that the face jewels can be removed and changed at will, without leaving any marks.
  • The Chanel Cruise show launched the “lip rings “, that is the lip rings (rigorously branded) Alessandro Michele, designer of Gucci, showed elaborate jewels for the face that embellish the nose and cheeks.
  • The shape alludes to piercings, but with a more elaborate game of chains: a way to explore other ways outside the conventional ones of adorning the body, taking a cue from subcultures and tribal rites.

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