because prince harry doesnt wear a uniform during queen elizabeths funeral procession

Because Prince Harry doesn’t wear a uniform during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession

Sumary of Because Prince Harry doesn’t wear a uniform during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession:

  • For this reason he cannot wear the military uniform, but there is talk of a special dispensation on the occasion of the funeral.
  • Death of Queen Elizabeth II September 14, 2022 Despite ten years of military service in Afghanistan, Prince Harry followed Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in civilian clothes on the march to Westminster.
  • This time Prince William and Prince Harry also paraded: he too, however, in civilian clothes and not in uniform like the rest of the family.
  • William and Harry accompany the Queen’s coffin to Westminster Because Prince Harry was in civilian clothes Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was also in civilian clothes.
  • Activate the notifications to receive updates on The death of Queen Elizabeth II ACTIVATE THE UPDATES All the eyes of the world, these days, are on London: after the death of Queen Elizabeth II a period of mourning marked by solemn ceremonies has opened .
  • Just like during the funeral procession in Edinburgh, Charles III and his brothers wore the military uniform, specifically Prince Andrew was in civilian clothes this time too: after the accusations of sexual violence he had to take a step back, leaving his posts by working royal.
  • The reason is in the duke’s new status, that after moving to California he is no longer a senior member of the royal family.

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