bench fashion week returns to the physical runway

Bench Fashion Week returns to the physical runway

Sumary of Bench Fashion Week returns to the physical runway:

  • Fashion designer Jenni Contreras will be showcasing a tribute to our parents and their youth spent in the ‘70s through her collection with the brand Human.
  • For its holiday 2022 presentation, BFW continues to champion local fashion by partnering with Filipino designers like Antonina Abad Amoncio, Jenni Contreras, Russell Villafuerte, Martin Bautista, and Lesley Mobo Since 2017, Bench Fashion Week (BFW) has been a true festival of style that championing both local and global design talents.
  • BFW 2022 will also present the works of Filipino designer Antonina Abad Amoncio, which is described as a personal collection that explores shadows occupying spaces and escaping a source of light.
  • Through the years, its runway has been graced by the designs of Rhett Eala, Vania Romoff, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, Dennis Lustico, JC Buendia, Mark Bumgarner, Albert Andrada, and New York-based designers like Rafe Totengco

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