birks fiscal 2022 sales outpace pre pandemic levels

Birks fiscal 2022 sales outpace pre-pandemic levels

Sumary of Birks fiscal 2022 sales outpace pre-pandemic levels:

  • In fiscal 2022, Birks has shifted from get from the impacts of Covid-19 to growing beyond pre-pandemic levels, as our phenomenons are strong not only compared to fiscal 2021, but also compared to fiscal 2020, which was not wedge by Covid-19.
  • The company evaluate the transaction to a strong performance in its retail channel, supply by enhance performance of third organization mark timepieces and Bijoux Birks mark jewelry and bridal amasses.
  • Canadian jeweller Birks Group announced on Thursday sums for the fiscal 2022 year surged by more than 25%, on the back of a strong increase in comparable store sales, with sums for the year beat pre-pandemic levels in 2019.
  • The increase was primarily think to the decrease impact of Covid-19 (including government-mandated temporary store closures, traffic decreases and capability rules) experienced by the company during the period ending March 26, 2022, as compared to during fiscal 2021.

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