bluemarble style funky rhythm

Bluemarble-style funky rhythm

Sumary of Bluemarble-style funky rhythm:

  • Basic items of the male wardrobe are revisited in a funky perspective.
  • Of the wardrobe there are the purple, the oranges and the fluo yellows of the suits, the shirts and the bombers worn short at the waist.
  • The psychedelic prints remain the signature of Anthony Alvarez, but this time they are used at a smaller rate than in previous collections.
  • The boys of the Lycée Molière mingle, in whose beautiful tree-lined courtyard the mannequins march on Sade’s voice.
  • Over the years, the designer has accustomed his community to a melting pot of cultural references.
  • An s-s 23 look by Bluemarble Between patchwork and hippy-style mirrors, the man from Bluemarble builds a playful and lively identity.

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