brandon maxwells romantic rock

Brandon Maxwell’s romantic rock

Sumary of Brandon Maxwell’s romantic rock:

  • Between miniskirts and hourglass dresses, Maxwell is consistent in his research on femininity.
  • The mood is relaxed, very American and like a party girl, which is the spirit of Maxwell’s woman.
  • Tones of pink and wisteria rise from the platform along the ultra-feminine silhouettes, with the waistline always marked except for a couple of looks, where sparkling knitwear rises from denim overalls dropped on the hips in a hint of low waist.
  • There is room for a series of proposals in slipped fabrics, which enhance the shape of the body and are sometimes worn with a blazer, between office wear and the holiday dream beyond the computer screen.
  • A s-e 2023 look by Brandon Maxwell A revisited sexiness parades on the Brandon Maxwell catwalk, opened by the super top Adut Akech.
  • Between daywear and nightwear which results in a desirable and highly salable collection.

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