Buckle Up, Because Yeezy Day 2022 Is Here

Sumary of Buckle Up, Because Yeezy Day 2022 Is Here:

  • Taking place across Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3, drops will occur on the Adidas Confirmed app—we’d propose downloading now so you’re prepped—and the Yeezy Supply computer, where new styles will go up for grabs without much warning.
  • (The 350s are also only currently enumerate in juveniles’ and child magnitudes, though that’s subject to change.) And if this year’s Yeezy Day is anything like last year’s, we may very well see a sphere of the OG Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners later in the day.
  • In quality Ye fashion, the particulars tend to make themselves known spontaneously, but here’s what the Yeezy Day 2022 grapevine has show so far.
  • Across various Yeezy device records, devices clamored for foams and slides over shoes as news of new merchandises trickled out.

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