But why is the panda so hyped?

Sumary of But why is the panda so hyped?:

  • For the fourth beam, the trend specialist points to the character of the animal itself.
  • “Since then, this face has been the figure of an organization present in a hundred countries with nearly five million members and which defends the rights of animals and nature”, summarizes Cécile Poignant.
  • There were people disguised as pandas from head to toe and some even had real tattoos of them, “says 20 Minutes Rodolphe Delord, director of the park, referring to a real” panda mania “.
  • “We remember the explosion in sales of clown fish after Nemo or even the enthusiasm around Jack Russel with the film The Artist”, recalls Cécile Poignant.
  • The diplomacy of the panda According to trend specialist Cécile Poignant interviewed by 20 Minutes, “for a trend to register in a strong and visible way, it takes a range of reasons”.
  • “All the presidents came to see them at the zoo, recalls Rodolphe Delord.

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