bye house shoes now im only thinking about revenge heels

Bye House Shoes, Now I’m Only Thinking About Revenge Heels

Sumary of Bye House Shoes, Now I’m Only Thinking About Revenge Heels:

  • While house shoes, slippers, and comfortable sneakers have been mainstays in many of our wardrobes over the last year, heels haven’t exactly been getting much wear..
  • With optimism permeating fashion—just look to the nightclub-inspired pieces to hit the runways in Paris—I don’t think I’m alone..
  • Recently, fashion insider Camille Charriere posted a photo in a pair of pointed lucite heels finished with a crystal bow, captioned “the return of the revenge heel ~ coming soon(ish) to a pub near you.”.
  • While Amina Muaddi—arguably the designer who embodies revenge heels—posted a photo with an “after lockdown course”.
  • A complete departure from house shoes and cloud-like sneakers, revenge heels take an optimistic look at post-lockdown fashion where high heels are replacing more practical shoes…

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