carrot pumpkin tomato the vegetable garden gets scented

Carrot, pumpkin, tomato… The vegetable garden gets scented

Sumary of Carrot, pumpkin, tomato… The vegetable garden gets scented:

  • “Our creativity is intoxicated, ignites Aliénor Massenet, senior perfumer at Symrise.
  • “Today, we are trying to be more respectful of the environment, a constraint that encourages creativity,” enthuses Pierre-Constantin Guéros, perfumer.
  • What’s next after this ad These vegetable alcoholates act like salt in the kitchen by becoming enhancers This is how a new collection of raw materials called Garden Lab was born, made up of artichoke, cabbage and -flower, onion, asparagus and leek.
  • If their appearance in the olfactory palette of perfumers is not new, isolating their odorous molecules has only been possible for two years thanks to a new extraction system called SymTrap.

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