charles de vilmorin groovy gothic and gallic

Charles de Vilmorin: Groovy, gothic and gallic

Sumary of Charles de Vilmorin: Groovy, gothic and gallic:

  • Published Jul 8, 2021 Reading time 2 minutes Download Print Text size aA+ aA- Published Jul 8, 2021 Charles de Vilmorin is the hottest wunderkind in Paris and his latest couture video only suggests that he has such abundant fantasy in his repertoire to have a great career.[embedded content]Staged in a quarry outside Paris, centered around a distressed oasis, and starring a half-dozen exotic beauties, his five-minute video was easily the most evocative and brilliant of the Paris season.A poignant ballad by Joanna and Bilal Hassani, who starred in the fashion flick, and great direction by Colin Solal Cardo made for a fine fashion moment.Hassani, a much discussed figure in France, was noted recently when he confessed that after his Muslim father, in whose faith he was raised, accepted his coming out, Papa nonetheless told him he would punished and “burned” on judgment day.Something of prodigal children about this video, where the cast march across the bizarre desolate landscape to the faux oasis.Charles de Vilmorin – Haute Couture Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 – Photo: Courtesy of Charles de Vilmorin Dressed in cutaway asymmetrical black dresses topped with cock feathers, and finished with dangling shards of fabric.
  • Kinda ‘Cristobal Balenciaga dressing the next Mad Max.’ Plus, young Charles is such a self-confident chap, he already has his own scripted logo, done in his own hand.
  • And seen in a marvelous governess gown, with a sportswear elastic waist.Just when it got a little too Gormenghast, de Vilmorin suggested a flawless chiffon halter neck, worn by a proud model with extended tresses and floral undies which she flashed.Half-way through, Joanne gracefully posed in a long gown with train.
  • From her neckline and arms sprouted fabric and branches and petals – tree of life couture.

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