cool t m and rains get noticed at paris fashion week

Cool T.M and Rains get noticed at Paris Fashion Week

Sumary of Cool T.M and Rains get noticed at Paris Fashion Week:

  • The boys wear baggy knee-length shorts with baggy, ultra-lightweight nylon windbreakers and long-sleeved fleeces or sleeveless fleece jackets paired with baggie pants.
  • The girls wear XL jackets or oversized crop-top sweatshirts over mini-shorts with black knee-high socks.
  • All these beautiful people wear clogs and ultra-light mules reminiscent of pieces seen especially at Yeezy in recent seasons.
  • After taking her first steps last winter on the Parisian catwalks, Rains (with her creative director Tanne Vinter at the helm) was expected for her first summer show called Connect.
  • Calf, Rains’ proposal ventured into other horizons.
  • From a well-known outerwear terrain, with the first look of a long sand-colored parka down to the ankles with four large pockets, one of which is at knee level, worn with conviction over a black t-shirt and medium-waisted flared trousers.

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