corinna chiassai tells thecube

Corinna Chiassai tells TheCube

Sumary of Corinna Chiassai tells TheCube:

  • This is why we have created our archive with the concept of the flexible working space in order to customize the spaces according to the needs of customers, providing them with photographic sets, work areas prepared for meetings, our kitchen and the area.
  • Over time, TheCube has had the opportunity to develop different passions and has devised initiatives that it carries out with dedication, such as the Education program: Fashion schools and universities can book a workshop day in the archive, where students have the opportunity to interact with the leaders and create your own looks and moodboards.
  • A lover of free artistic expression in all its forms, TheCube has also worked in the musical field, collaborating with artists such as DJ Kommando, I Cassandra and I Manitoba, studying a unique image and creating personalized looks that best express the artist.
  • In addition to clothing and accessories, we also have a selection of books of fabrics, knitwear and processing tests and vintage magazines: the result of research done in more than 40 years of my father’s work as a stylist.
  • We have collaborations with some emerging musicians, for which we do a study aimed at curating their image by creating customized looks for their performances with the garments of our archive.
  • Introducing: TheCube
  • Our team, led by the figure of Marius Hordijk, is a young team, passionate about their work and very sensitive to current trends, so we try to reflect this ringing energy in all the activities we carry out at TheCube.

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