cs takes over the marche based texo

C&S takes over the Marche-based Texo

Sumary of C&S takes over the Marche-based Texo:

  • Dimension of the text C&S takes over Texo Srl, a Marche-based company in Cagli that has been producing ready-to-wear clothing for 10 years both on its own and on behalf of third parties.
  • Corneli C&S thus enriches the offer of the Style Services Luxe division, the ideal research and production solution for any style requirement.
  • The other business lines are Style Services Denim and the C&S Experience projects, in direct contact with retail such as the Haikure brand and the Europe licenses of Jeckerson and Purple.
  • The operation expands and further consolidates the presence of the Perugia-based company in the formalwear market, confirming an approach that has already been undertaken for several months.
  • We firmly believe that the added value given by the specialization of Texo S.R.L.

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