Cucinelli focuses on “skilled hands and human work “

Sumary of Cucinelli focuses on “skilled hands and human work “:

  • In short, for him beauty will save us but only if it passes through human sustainability and a rediscovery by young people of the value of high craftsmanship.
  • A project that Brunello Cucinelli wanted to relaunch, in a press conference held in his company, announcing that he wanted to double, triple the number of boys and girls who come to these schools .
  • We in our company have 52% of work done with our hands.
  • This is why in 2013, in his he Solomeo, he created the School of high contemporary craftsmanship for arts and crafts created to encourage young people to understand the right value of manual work and not to leave precious traditions lost.
  • But it is not a two-year, three-year investment, but a 25, 30-year investment.
  • A young craftsman who is trained can then become a wonderful, high-quality craftsman for the next 30 years.
  • Workplaces must be exceptional, beautiful, said the entrepreneur -, the remuneration must be fair, there must be a moral, economic and human dignity of work.

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