david komas aesthetics between aquatic suggestions and urban scenarios

David Koma’s aesthetics, between aquatic suggestions and urban scenarios

Sumary of David Koma’s aesthetics, between aquatic suggestions and urban scenarios:

  • David Koma for his collection dedicated to next summer gives life to a fantasy that seals an unusual marriage between aquatic suggestions and city life.
  • Outside his design studios, in front of the Theater Courtyard Gallery, the famous place that gave birth to William Skakespeare’s first work in 1576, the Georgian-born stylist has recreated a sort of theatrical work on the catwalk.
  • Other references that refer to the union between nature and urban context derive from photographs of the American marine biologist and oceanographer Sylvia Earle and her crew of Tektite, the first all-female diving team, who spent fourteen days underwater in 1970.
  • All these references take shape in a variety of dresses and swimwear made with super-elastic silk mesh that emulate diving gear, while some light dresses bring back the sea itself and its colors, such as the bright blue of Yves Klein, while tops and macramé skirts recall the knots of fishermen’s nets.
  • The sport style is back, also for this season, explored thanks to leather jackets with decorative inserts in the shape of fishing hooks, worn over paneled leggings and structured knee-high boots.

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