diesel opens its show to the public milan fashion week is finally for everyone

Diesel opens its show to the public: Milan Fashion Week is (finally) for everyone

Sumary of Diesel opens its show to the public: Milan Fashion Week is (finally) for everyone:

  • SpringEstate 2023 fashion shows 21 September 2022 For the first time Diesel has invited students, employees and simple enthusiasts to its show: the SpringEstate 2023 collection reworks jeans in sexy and daring versions, including crocodile boots and laminated jumpsuits.
  • Calcaterra Spring / Summer 2023 collection The Diesel Spring / Summer 2023 fashion show Why the Diesel show is revolutionary The Diesel show is one of the most anticipated events of Milan Fashion Week.
  • Diesel’s Spring / Summer 2023 collection Take the 2000s and make them cool.
  • Diesel’s Spring Summer 2023 fashion show The show opens with a series of total denim looks: jeans remain the protagonist of Diesel’s DNA, but declined in grunge or sexy versions, including corset details and transparent dresses.
  • During the first day of fashion shows, Diesel opened its doors wide of his show at the Allianz Cloud Arena to his employees, students and two thousand fans who were able to admire the Spring / Summer 2023 collection designed by the visionary creative director Glenn Martens up close.
  • Activate notifications to receive updates on SpringEstate 2023 Fashion Shows ACTIVATE UPDATES For too many years fashion has been accused of being a club for a select few, an elitist world where it is very difficult to enter: internet
  • The hints of the Y2k aesthetic are found in the laminated fabrics, in the Matrix-style coats and in the hooded sweatshirts that become dresses.

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