dior ceo pietro beccari on pop ups collabs and brand desirability

Dior CEO Pietro Beccari on pop-ups; collabs and brand desirability

Sumary of Dior CEO Pietro Beccari on pop-ups; collabs and brand desirability:

  • Published Jul 7, 2021 Reading time 5 minutes Download Print Text size aA+ aA- Published Jul 7, 2021 Few management jobs anywhere are more high profile that being CEO of Christian Dior.
  • The brand is a sacred institution in France, and quite probably the most famous French name of all time.Dior CEO Pietro Beccari The house’s well-being is followed with attention by Parisians of all walks of life;
  • From building a brand new world headquarters on the Champs-Elysees, to opening dozens of pop-ups from Mykonos to Miami;
  • Last month in Athens for cruise and this week in Paris for couture inside the gardens of the Rodin Museum, which is where we sat down with Pietro.FashionNetwork.com: Why is it important for a brand like Dior to do couture?Pietro Beccari:Couture is where everything started right?
  • If you think aboutAvenue Montaigne which we are restoring and the salon of haute couture.
  • Couture is fundamental for our image to transmit this savoir-faire and tradition to the customer.
  • Couture is the right support for the tradition.FNW:How do you plan to organize things at the new Champs-Elysees building?PB:Right now, we are scattered around so many buildings in Paris.
  • Everyone noticed that you really pushed a button on that?PB:If you look at my personal history, I always believe in the power of showing clients while they’re on vacation anotherside ofthe brand they do not expect.

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