Dr. Martens X National Gallery, art in amphibians

Sumary of Dr. Martens X National Gallery, art in amphibians:

  • The collaboration of Dr. Martens with the National Gallery combines the iconic silhouettes with the art of those who have walked their own path, without conforming to fashions, such as the impressionist painters Claude Monet
  • The collection is just the latest in a series of collaborations by the brand with artists who have broken conventions, such as Basquiat and Keith Haring.
  • And Vincent van Gogh and the post-impressionist Georges Seurat who have shaken the world of art with their radical approaches that continue to inspire today’s creators.
  • The bold use of colors and the strong expressive brushwork of the Dutch painter Van Gogh were little appreciated in his time, but after his death in 1890, he was recognized as one of the most influential figures in the history of art.
  • Dr. Martens X National Gallery is the title of the new collaboration of the footwear brand known for amphibians and the prestigious London museum, which celebrates artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat.

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