dzhus designs metamorphosing pseudo clothing collection

DZHUS designs metamorphosing Pseudo clothing collection

Sumary of DZHUS designs metamorphosing Pseudo clothing collection:

  • Called Pseudo, the collection was originally unveiled at Ukrainian Fashion Week only weeks before the war broke out in February.
  • Another piece in the collection is Duality, a double-faced melange cotton piece that can transform 10 ways to create a jumpsuit and a vest as well as a coat, a dress and multiple types of bags.
  • Psuedo includes a range of flexible clothes that have been designed to transform from one garment to another, such as a three-way piece that can become a hat, a bag or a top.
  • The garment takes cues from origami, as it is shaped using a single piece of fabric with a structured collar and a geometrically folded back.

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