elizabeth ii in memory of the queen of colors

Elizabeth II, in memory of the queen of colors

Sumary of Elizabeth II, in memory of the queen of colors:

  • A great diplomat, an attentive statesman, for 70 years an essential point of reference for the United Kingdom, the cornerstone of important international relations.
  • Many of which we will only rediscover now, which is no longer, so to speak, among us.
  • Cold and imperturbable on the outside, (probably) amused and ironic on the inside.
  • But also an icon of pop culture, thanks to his subtle sense of humor, his ever more evident empathy towards the British people, his willingness to get more and more involved over the years And thanks, also, to his personal, unique style, faithful to himself decade after decade.
  • If we think of Queen Elizabeth, we cannot help but think of her iconic of her – yes, of her, they really were – coats in technicolor.

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