Esprit plans to return to Asia with a focus on higher quality fashion

Sumary of Esprit plans to return to Asia with a focus on higher quality fashion:

  • The company has launched online platforms in a variety of Asian countries and territories, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines, with mainland China, Singapore and Thailand as new targets by the end of the year.
  • Pak told Bloomberg: We are really aiming for exponential revenue growth.
  • Italian version of Text size Italian version of Fashion retailer Esprit Holdings is finally recovering and is planning a return to Asia and a focus on higher quality items, rather than the fast fashion strategy it has recently adopted and has not it has been successful with consumers.
  • A flagship store will open in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong next month, following the opening of a pop-up in Seoul, South Korea, in April.
  • Esprit is not fast fashion and it took a long time for the company to understand.
  • But in addition to this retail strategy, the optimized company profile is also extremely important.
  • News of the company’s expected return to Asia comes after Esprit closed its 56 stores across the continent in early 2020.

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