Eyewear brand Kimeze launches on Net-A-Porter

Sumary of Eyewear brand Kimeze launches on Net-A-Porter:

  • Key styles include the brand name Gabriel cat-eye and oval-frame styles, the ‘Akin’ square-frame gold-tone sunglasses fitted with blush lenses and the crystal-embellished ‘Damba’ cat-eye sunglasses.
  • The brand has open a nine-piece unisex capsule amass on Net-a-Porter, featuring sunglasses fashion in Italy that are inspired by both London and Africa.
  • Kimeze was founded in 2021 by sisters Clare and Christina Kimeze after they get that more than a billion groups were not being give for when designing the meet of sunglasses and opticals, as most eyewear is designed for Caucasian features and eastbound Asian wearers.
  • British comprehensive eyewear brand Kimeze, which designs sunglasses and opticals for black and brown faces, has open on indulgence e-tailer Net-A-Porter.

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