farfetch report says brands respond to now more conscious luxury shoppers

Farfetch: report says brands respond to now more ‘conscious’ luxury shoppers

Sumary of Farfetch: report says brands respond to now more ‘conscious’ luxury shoppers:

  • The same number said they are now buying a greater proportion of luxury items because they see it as a more sustainable approach than buying lower quality fast fashion.
  • Up to 29% of shoppers in China made a conscious purchase in 2021 and the average age of conscientious shoppers is 32 years old (compared to France which saw the strongest growth worldwide in conscious purchases (+149%) in terms of overall value The Portuguese-British retailer’s customers are looking for quality and longevity in their purchases and the pandemic appears to have had an effect on the way they view fashion purchases.
  • The second edition of the Conscious Luxury Trends Report, an annual report by Farfetch, showed that consumers are more focused on sustainable and ethical products.
  • This growth was driven both by increased interest from consumers and companies – not just those known for their conscientious stance, such as Stella McCartney – responding to This with Mais added that brands that score highly via Good On You and are rated by Farfetch as fully aware accounted for 49% of total sales.
  • Boutiques and brands will take action to meet consumer demand, moving forward While skepticism remains in some circles about how committed consumers are to making conscious purchases, the report suggests that companies need to act as quickly as possible.
  • This gave him a year-long view of consumer attitudes as well as their behavior.
  • And as we mentioned at the beginning, the search for conscious terms at Farfetch jumped 93% last year.

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