fashion takes sides lets vote for rights

Fashion takes sides, let’s vote for rights

Sumary of Fashion takes sides, let’s vote for rights:

  • My generation – he observes – is tired of what happens and of always justifying itself, in this historical moment.
  • Freedom must be defended every day, that for women, for the LGBT community, for the last ones .
  • Rambaldi, born in Bologna in 1990, awarded yesterday with the Chi è chi awards, today he sent on the catwalk a collection called Odi et amo because they are the extremes and – he says – we must stay away from indifference, especially in this historical moment, for what we are going to live .
  • A message appreciated by Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, Fausto Puglisi by Roberto Cavalli, who writes Grande Donatella!
  • I am worried and also pissed off – he writes bluntly – because I am forced to argue what seemed obvious to me, in a few days we risk shattering the fragile and human space in which we are trying to live .
  • Massimo Giorgetti had already issued his warning about him in August: this-he wrote on Instagram-could be the freeest summer of your life.
  • With important founding values: this is why I hope that the majority of Italians express themselves and that whoever wins maintains those values ​​of inclusion, enhancement of differences that are part of that Italian and European approach that is comprehensive and non-discriminatory .

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