five rules for taking care of your hair

Five rules for taking care of your hair

Sumary of Five rules for taking care of your hair:

  • To these factors is added stress, which can alter the composition of the hydrolipidic film of the scalp and, in some cases, lead not only to greater sebum production, but also to the appearance of dandruff.
  • Thanks to their experience, the Barberino’s Masters therefore decided to create a handbook dedicated to hair care, with five tips on washing, on the mistakes not to make and on the latest news in terms of haircare.
  • The question of when and how much to wash your hair is among the most discussed ever in the world of haircare.
  • The rules for washing hair are not universal, especially in terms of frequency, and the routine can vary depending on genetic, environmental and psychological factors.
  • Frequent use of the hair dryer or straightener can cause irreparable damage, even if heat protectors are used.
  • There is therefore no answer that is valid for everyone, even if, indicatively, the ideal is to wash them about every two days.
  • When it comes to hair loss, we must remember that it is a natural and physiological phenomenon

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